Our Mission

Improving the lives of Haitians affected by extreme poverty, neglect, lack of resources, and fear...Breaking the cycle.

Our Vision

Providing HOPE to the children of Haiti, showing and teching that God loves them.

Helping those that need it
Orphan rescue
Providing jobs and resources
Enriching the community

  • What we are doing Building a withstanding establishment for widows and the fatherless children of Haiti, in a safe and loving environment that emphasizes education and trade building while supporting business and ministry opportunities.
  • What will be the outcome Developing and empowering Haitian leaders capable of independently maintaining and operating high quality orphanages, schools, and churches while reaching out to the surrounding communities as well.
  • Why we do what we do Restoring hope in Jesus name to those that have lost all hope for tomorrow.

Breaking Chains

Courage and Change

Our mission is to instil Godly courage by nurturing the mind, body, and spirit. Courage that ignites the desire to think broader and step out in ways never imagined. Change that extends across oceans and lasts a lifetime.

Spiritual Strengthening

Vodou is so deeply rooted in the Haitian culture that it not only affects those that practice it, but it is the Christians that live in daily fear. Unaware that God has provided strength and authority to overcome, they live in constant bondage that has lasted since 1803 when they first gained independence. Strengthening spiritually is the first step towards true freedom.

Emotional Empowerment

Emotional instability has a negative impact on how one lives out their life, adds confusion, and stirs up self-doubt. Necessary steps towards emotional empowerment such as small groups and exercises can counteract feelings of helplessness and despair.

Physical Progression

An estimated 29% of children under five years of age in Haiti suffer from moderate to severe growth stunting and an additional 10% suffer from moderate to severe muscle wasting. Parentless children are at higher risk but with adequate nutrition and regular physical activity this can be counteracted.

Increased Independence

Approximately 75% of Haiti's population lives on less than a dollar a day and has no access to clean drinking water or food with complete nutrition. With education and employment opportunities we can equip with the tools necessary for independence and provide additional resources for the community.