How DonationsFlow to HaitianCommunities

Giving with a purpose

When you donate to Figi Jézi you are not feeding a child today but you are helping provide a child with the tools to feed themselves for a lifetime.

Figi Jézi is focused on promoting trade building and providing business opportunities as children age out of the program. This allows for independence, as well as provides resources for the community, and incorporates funds back into the organization for long-term sustainability.

For more information please refer to the projects page or request additional information by contacting us personally.

Sponsor The Mission Today

How You Can Donate?

You can sponsor the mission of Figi Jézi by either making a one time donation or partnering with us and committing to monthly giving. Monthly donations will be automatically deducted every 30 days and can easily be canceled at any time.

The majority of all donations go directly towards funding the mission with only a small portion covering administrative fees.

We accept all major credit card transactions as well as payments using paypal.

Thank you to all of our faithful supporters.

Without your donation a child could have gone without a home, food, drinking water, school, medical treatment, or even without ever hearing God's word.

It is you and your generous giving that God will use to provide that child with a promising future. That same child will experience firsthand the love of Christ.

Thank you for your continued support to Figi Jézi.